365 Days in Photos

I'm going to try to put a photo up here each day for a whole year.

Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011 (Day 182)

Today is my 32nd birthday.
I had to work 8am-4:30pm and Mark works 2-10pm. So we're planning to do something to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Mark asked me this morning what I wanted for my birthday and I said I didn't know. There's not really anything in particular that I want. So we talked about going to dinner tomorrow and maybe playing some mini golf. We both really enjoy mini golf and we haven't done it in a few years.

I got home from work and had supper and checked my Facebook and my email, then went into the bedroom to get ready for bed, and found this:

He bought me 2 DVDs, a CD, a pair of pj pants, and a box of chocolates. Then I noticed that the comforter and the matching pillow shams are also new. He's so incredibly sweet. This brought tears to my eyes.
The sign on the pillows says, "Happy Birthday. I love you. Mark Jones. Happily Ever After."


  1. I'm so sweet i gave myself a cavity.

  2. Happy birthday, Esther! glad you liked his gifts and yes my son, you are a sweetheart!!! Love you both. Mom